Services Offered

Our home inspectors will work hard to give you the most informative report possible.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Are you thinking of selling your home? Find out what issues may affect the negotiations prior to listing. Take care of any maintenance or repairs items beforehand that will help to increase the desirability of your property. This will also help give you greater control over the sale process and often help to speed up the closing of a deal. 

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Looking to make that big purchase but want to know as much as possible about the property before you remove conditions and close the deal? A pre-purchase inspection is essential to help identify as many issues as possible ahead of time to help you make the most informed buying decision you can. It can also help you negotiate your offer to ensure you get a fair price based on what you may need to maintain or repair after moving day. 

New Home Warranty Inspection

Is it getting close to your New Home Warranty reaching its expiration date? A great way to help protect and maximize the value of the newly built home you have moved into is to get it impartially inspected prior to the warranty expiring. 1 or 2 months before your warranty is about to expire, we recommend that you have an inspection done to help identify any deficiencies that you can then pass onto your builder in one concise and detailed report. 

Home Maintenance Inspection

As a homeowner, being proactive in the upkeep of your home is one of the best things you can do to maintain its property value. A home maintenance inspection can provide you with a list of items that you should deal with either immediately, soon, or to simply monitor in the future. A well-maintained home is a home that will last and continue to provide you comfort for many years to come.